Want to know where your employees are?

employee tracking phone application

Want to know how long they've been there?

tracking phone application

Want to have the ability to route priority service calls?

Employee Tracking App

What employer wouldn’t want to know exactly where their employees are during the workday? In today's economy, efficiency and productivity are more important than ever. Trackster™ is here to help with capabilities like job check in/out, messaging and powerful reporting tools. If your employees have smartphones, Trackster™ allows you to monitor their whereabouts at all times. This certainly makes supervising a lot easier, improves time management, and enhances productivity. Learn More

Phone Tracking is Cheap

For just $1.99 a month your smartphone and computer can be turned into a full-featured tracking monitor. You’ll know where your employees are throughout the work day along with the availability of historical location data. Imagine how many ways Trackster™ can help your company save time and money...its applications are extraordinary.

…And Easy

Trackster™ employee tracking app can be quickly installed onto the smartphone you want to track. From then on, no matter where it goes, you can locate that phone from your smartphone or computer. It’s that easy!

Our Mobile Office App is coming soon! Be one of the first to hear about this extraordinary new iPad and Android Tablet app that integrates directly with Trackster™ and QuickBooks! Click Here to let us know you’d like to be notified when it is released.
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"I was curious why one of my employees was always behind schedule....turns out I was paying him to do his personal shopping. With Trackster, I don't have to wonder anymore." — William

employee tracking app

"This is a great app. It saves me time, money & hassle. I've been waiting for this one." — John

tracking phone application

"I find new ways that Trackster can improve my business everyday. Knowing where all my employees are gives me a huge advantage. No more wasted time, no more excuses.' It's great." — Nancy

Employee Locator App

"I had some late orders come in and Trackster allowed me to see which of my drivers was closest, not only saving time, but also taking better care of my customers in real time." — Dave